The Plunge

Sep 17, 2014
The incredible story of Shavarsh Karapetyan, a Soviet swimming champion who dove into Armenia's Lake Yerevan and saved dozens of lives from a sinking trolleybus nearly 40 years ago

RIA Novosti

Jim Patterson: Black Soviet Icon’s Lonely American Sojourn

Jun 11, 2013
Once the most famous black man in the Soviet Union, child film star and poet Jim Patterson now lives in a threadbare subsidized apartment in Washington, where he has led a reclusive life plagued by illness and depression since his Russian mother died more than a decade ago.

RIA Novosti

In Small Boston Diaspora, Echoes of Chechnya

Apr 22, 2013
The deadly Boston Marathon attack has shaken the small diaspora of ethnic Chechens in the Boston area after two of its young members, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, emerged as the main suspects in the twin bombing.

RIA Novosti

Russia on Her Mind

Apr 02, 2013
Born in Siberia without most of her lower legs, Jessica Long was adopted by a Baltimore couple at 13 months and has gone on to become arguably the most dominant Paralympic swimmer of her generation.

The Moscow News

‘Black Russians – The Red Experience’

Mar 25, 2013
A US filmmaker has joined up with a longtime Spike Lee collaborator to produce a documentary on African-Americans who fled pervasive discrimination in the United States in the early 20th century to seek a better life in the Soviet Union.


Q&A: Mikhail Prokhorov

Oct 01, 2012
He's made billions, run for president of Russia, and brought pro basketball to Brooklyn. Next up for the playboy-mogul: a rap battle with Jay-Z?

Columbia Law School Magazine

Finding Value

Apr 01, 2012
An unswerving empiricist, Professor Robert J. Jackson Jr. quantifies some of the most important corporate governance questions of our day.

Lotus Magazine

Grandmaster Flash

Dec 01, 2011
Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player in the world and perhaps the last great hope in a generation to become a breakout star. We sat down with him to talk fitness, big paychecks, and playing chess with Liv Tyler.


High Times

Drop The Attitude!

May 01, 2011
Adam Carolla is one of comedy’s most unique observers of the national malaise. His portrait of America depicts a nation plagued by low-grade depression and insidious bureaucracy.


The National

Abkhazia: From Georgia’s Pan Into Russia’s Fire

Aug 26, 2010
Russia’s military presence is in plain view here in Abkhazia. Russian navy ships patrol the turquoise waters just a few kilometres off the coast, while Russian army convoys rumble down two-lane highways, weaving deftly between potholes, livestock and oncoming traffic.


Why Did Moscow Admit the Spy Suspects Are Russian?

Jul 01, 2010
When U.S. authorities arrested 10 people accused of spying for Russia, Moscow quickly denied any knowledge of them. But now Russia is claiming the suspects as its own — something it has almost never done in the history of Moscow's spy games.


Is the Russian Army Bullying Its Soldiers to Death?

Jun 22, 2010
The death of a young Russian soldier — and the army's insistence that it was a suicide — sparks a wave of national soul-searching over the tradition of brutal hazing in Russia's military.

The Nation

Road Rage Russian-Style

Jun 21, 2010
Russian drivers are infuriated by the ruling elite's brazen and reckless domination of the roads. Now they're fighting back.

Foreign Policy

The Russian Game

May 18, 2010
Former world chess champion Anatoly Karpov, whose battles with Garry Kasparov in the 1980s defined the game of kings for an era, is at the epicenter of an escalating political imbroglio spreading through the already fractious world of international chess.


Why the Bombings Weren't Breaking News in Russia

Mar 31, 2010
News of Russia's worst terrorist attack in five years led news broadcasts around the world almost immediately. But in Russia, the country's three main television networks aired shows about cooking and makeovers.


Russia's Erin Brockovich: Taking On Corporate Greed

Mar 09, 2010
Alexei Navalny is a unique type of opposition figure in Russia. He believes the most effective way to challenge the ruling class is not through elections, but by acquiring stock.

High Times

Chu Know It!

Jan 01, 2010
For pot smokers in the Russian-speaking world, there’s no more hallowed ground than the rolling, arid plains of the Chu Valley.



The Danger of Doing Business in Russia

Dec 19, 2009
Russia's business climate is being compromised by reiderstvo , or "raiding," a term that describes the illegal tactics used by criminals to seize businesses and land their owners in jail — or worse.


Russia's Latest YouTube Craze: Exposing Police Corruption

Nov 20, 2009
Russia has pledged to clean up its police forces — again — after whistleblowers posted videos online complaining of corruption, low pay and poor working conditions.

Sports Illustrated

The Mysterious Murder of a Russian Hoops Magnate

Nov 06, 2009
Of all the strange, colorful and often dangerous characters that traversed Russia's turbulent transition to a market economy, few had a more extraordinary biography than Shabtai von Kalmanovic.

The National

Russian mob boss laid to rest

Oct 14, 2009
It took about five minutes for the brawny thirty-something to sniff out the stranger standing against a back wall in the chapel lined with religious icons.

The National

In Russia, an ironclad business

Oct 08, 2009
Yury Yavorsky was making the rounds at his factory this summer when he learnt that the president of Russia’s restive republic of Ingushetia was hit by a suicide bomber.

The National

The Who's Who of Moscow Mobsters

Aug 04, 2009
One Russian website has taken up the task of trying to explain the Byzantine relationships and conflicts permeating the notorious Russian criminal caste known as the "Vory v Zakone."

The National

Chechen blood spilled in Dubai

Apr 04, 2009
When a lone gunman entered the car park of Dubai apartment block and shot former Chechen warlord Sulim Yamadayev in the back of the head,it appeared the UAE had become the outpost for a blood feud whose origins lay thousands of miles away in the Northern Caucasus mountains.

The National

Red tape robs Russian of citizenship

Sep 04, 2008
Tatyana Tetyorkina found herself locked in a Kafkaesque bureaucratic ordeal stemming from the peculiar Russian letter “ë”.

The Moscow Times

Serial Killer's Victim Tells of Her Escape

Oct 25, 2007
On a gray, snowy February morning, a woman walking in Bittsevsky Park heard a faint cry coming from a concrete well rising about 40 centimeters above the ground.


The Moscow Times

Tragedy Spotlights Reckless Driving

Jan 15, 2007
Saturday would have been the first day off from school for 8-year-old Nastya Pak and her 5-year-old brother, Pyotr, since classes resumed after the extended New Year's holiday.


The Moscow Times

Drunk Tanks Face Money Woes and Bad PR

Dec 14, 2006
Russia's network of Soviet-era "vytrezviteli," or sobering-up stations, is facing an uncertain future, plagued with financial woes, legal questions and a public image tainted by times past.


The Moscow Times

Good Cops, Bad Cops

Dec 01, 2006
Russia is getting its own version of the hit U.S. show "Law and Order."

The Moscow Times

Ball Is in Pittsburgh Native's Court

Sep 13, 2005
Despite linguistic limitations and a distinctly un-Russian basketball pedigree, American basketball player J.R. Holden will lead a talented young Russian national team into the European basketball championships.

The Moscow Times

'Papa' of Soviet Basketball Gomelsky Dies at Age 77

Aug 17, 2005
Alexander Gomelsky, the legendary coach who helped turn the Soviet Union into a basketball powerhouse and a pioneer in breaking the U.S. hegemony in the international game, died Tuesday morning in a Moscow hospital.

The Moscow Times

$100/Day Vacation in Boot Camp

Jun 28, 2005
With hazing and frequent noncombat deaths, serving in the army is no vacation. But one enterprising veteran is banking on a thirst among Russians and foreigners alike to experience the life of a young recruit -- and he is willing to include hazing at no extra cost.


The Moscow Times

Nizhnekamsk's Notorious German

Apr 12, 2005
A former German professional hockey player has become a provincial Russia city's most notorious celebrity, being at the center of one of the most bizarre criminal cases ever to hit the local police blotters.


The Moscow Times

Battlefield View of the War on Drugs

Mar 05, 2005
On the ground with a foot soldier in Russia's war on drugs, an undertaking that has received the vocal backing of President Vladimir Putin but which critics claim has accomplished little more than throwing minor drug offenders into the notoriously overcrowded prison system.


The Moscow Times

Unearthing the Remains of War in Tver

Aug 19, 2004
Outside Tver, local military enthusiasts known as red diggers scour World War II battlefields in search of the remains of fallen Soviet soldiers and pick up Soviet and Nazi weapons along the way.


The Moscow Times

Contract Murders Are on the Rise

Aug 04, 2004
Contrary to popular perceptions, little has changed since the Wild West years of Russian capitalism in the early and mid-1990s where contract murders are concerned.


The Moscow Times

Lithuanian Basketball 'God' Returns to Moscow

Dec 18, 2003
In basketball circles, the name Arvydas Sabonis is inseparable from the question, "What if?"

The Moscow Times

A St. Pete Goblin Doesn't Mix Words

Jul 23, 2003
While sex and violence are accepted components of Russian movies, profanity is still a major taboo. But Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov's unique obscenity-laden translations of English-language movies have made him one of the hottest commodities on Russia's gigantic pirate movie market.


The Moscow Times

7-Foot-5 Siberian Shooting for NBA

Jun 20, 2003
Pavel Podkolzin -- whose physical enormity has earned him the moniker "Siberian Shaq" -- has a chance to become the highest Russian NBA draft pick ever on June 26 in New York.

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