The Moscow Times

Tracing the Rise of 'The New Nobility'

Nov 14, 2010
Since Vladimir Putin's rise, many hands have been wrung down to the bone in the West over his KGB pedigree. Fortunately there are journalists such as Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan to bring nuance, analysis and old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting to the subject, which they do in their new book.

Russian Life

Who's Last?

Jan 01, 2010
One feature of Soviet life needs no restoration, because it's never gone away: the notorious Soviet line.


The Moscow Times

Book Review: No Laughing Matter

Jul 22, 2005
The Soviet police state was probably one of the least funny regimes in history, but the jokesters collected in Bruce Adams' book didn't see things that way.

The Moscow Times

Book Review: Miracle on Ice

Mar 11, 2005
There was no question at the 1980 Olympics as to which was the better hockey team. But the Americans knew they only had to beat the Soviets once.

The Moscow Times

Moscow Patzer: The Bard Meets the Magician From Riga

Jun 06, 2003
Vladimir Vysotsky wasn't very good at chess. But although he wasn't a pawnpusher, his prolific creative achievements in music and poetry connected him with at least one of the Soviet Union's greatest chess players.

The Moscow Times

Moscow Patzer: On Taking Lumps at the Chessboard

May 30, 2003
It's not easy being a patzer in Moscow.

The Moscow Times

Moscow Patzer: A Bread Run With the Great Bronstein

May 08, 2003
Soviet grandmaster David Bronstein needed only one point to become world chess champion. And with two games remaining in his 1951 match with reigning champion Mikhail Botvinnik in Moscow's Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, he seemed a lock to win.

The Moscow Times

Moscow Patzer: Ideology and the Art of Chess Problems

Apr 18, 2003
It's difficult to imagine an activity more benign and self-contained than composing chess problems. What harm, after all, could come from creating a position on the chessboard that requires the observer to find the correct move?

The Moscow Times

Moscow Patzer: Searching for a Blitz Legend at Sokolniki

Apr 04, 2003
Mention the name of international grandmaster Valentin Arbakov to local chess fanatics, and you'll likely get an uncomfortable response about squandered potential.

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